These sturdy sawhorses will carry whatever you put on them, whether it’s a block of marble or an engine block. Each horse weighs about 60 pounds.

Pair of sawhorses: $400


Functional, durable, elegant. These woodsheds will last a good long time and will be a pleasure to look at. Standard design includes a sturdy timber-framed floor. The floor sits on stone or concrete footings. Five-rib metal roofing.

The tiny house

The footprint of the tiny house woodshed is 6 feet by 8 feet. If you stack wood 6 feet high, it will hold about 2 cords.

Tiny house woodshed: $2350

The medium house

The footprint of the medium house woodshed is 7 feet by 10 feet. If you stack wood 6 feet high, it will hold about 3 cords. (This design includes a small amount of hardware to allow the use of smaller timbers for posts.)

Medium house woodshed: $3450

The big house

Our biggest. The footprint of the big house woodshed is 8 feet by 12 feet. If you stack wood 6 feet high, it will hold about 4 cords.

Big house woodshed: $4550

Tiny barns

You’ve heard of the tiny house? Well, here’s the tiny barn. High-quality natural materials, solidly constructed, and big enough for all kinds of projects and uses. The single-bay tiny barn is 8 feet by 12 feet. The double-bay barn is 12 feet by 20 feet. Made with timber-frame floor system, plank floor, and rough-sawn board siding and roof sheathing. Standing seam metal roofing. Call us to discuss!   

Single-bay tiny barn

Simple, sturdy, small. This design is all about economy. The use of a single metal tension rod at the plate level allows the use of smaller dimension timbers. 10/12 roof pitch leaves room for loft storage. Add a window and make it a summer guest cabin or studio.

Double-bay tiny barn

This design is adapted from the frame detailed in Jack Sobon’s book Timber Frame Construction. A footprint of 12 by 20 gives 240 square feet, and a low half-loft can easily be added. Short knee walls and a 12/12 roof pitch offer lots of space in the loft. A person door and/or sliding door can be added on the gable end or along a long wall.


Keep the snow and ice off your rig with a carport. Hang a canoe from the rafters. Store tools and other gear out of the rain. This design borrows from the Japanese timber-framing tradition, using a second horizontal in the long direction rather than diagonal bracing. Design also includes concealed steel angle brackets where the posts join the plates. Clear opening is 9 feet wide and 8 feet high. Overall covered area is 14 feet by 18 feet. 3/12 roof pitch minimizes wind-blown snow and rain. Standing seam metal roofing is ready for solar panels. Footing options depend on the ground at your site. Call us to discuss! (Final engineering pending.)

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