We sell dry, split firewood delivered to your home. Our birch firewood comes from a state timber sale in the Tanana Valley State Forest. We sell only wood that is dried to 20 percent moisture content or less, and we dry our wood in the open, without the use of added energy.

How to order

We deliver around the Fairbanks area in the late summer and early fall. Our truck can carry 2/3 of a cord at a time and we charge $275 per load. (This works out to $412.50 per cord.) Call or email to place an order.

Why buy from us?

Burning wood connects you to the forest and provides a kind of warmth and comfort that heating with other devices simply can’t. Under certain conditions, wood can also be an environmentally friendly fuel. We are committed to selling only dry firewood, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions (by requiring less wood) and reduces PM 2.5 pollution. We also seek to limit the energy we put into cutting, processing, and delivering our wood, and we use as much of each tree as possible. We do most of our logging in the winter, when we can move wood on sleds on the snow. This minimizes disturbance to the forest floor and limits the release of carbon stored in the soil. We are exploring opportunities to harvest firewood from fire- and beetle-killed trees.

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