We build woodsheds, sheds, and other outbuildings out of locally sourced materials. Choose from an existing plan or work with us to design something to fit your needs. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Existing plans


These frames are design-ready, saving time and money. All frames use local white spruce timbers and mortise and tenon joinery. Oak pegs are made by Northcott Wood Turning. Steel cut nails for floorboards and sheathing are made by Tremont. All structures are left untreated and might turn grey over time, depending on exposure to sun and weather. We can also recommend a non-toxic exterior finish. Most structures sit on top of stone or pre-cast concrete blocks placed on existing ground or a gravel pad, and can be leveled with a bottle jack or Hi-Lift. The carport requires a direct connection to a footing.



Tiny barns


Design it yourself

Let us know what you need to store, cover, or house and we’ll work with you to design something suited to the task.

How we build


Our goal is to build structures that are functional, durable, and beautiful. We believe in building things to last and building things that can be repurposed, repaired, and turned into firewood at the end of their life. We aim to use undervalued materials, source materials locally, and minimize waste. We think building materials should not be toxic to the environment and to people.

Project gallery

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Greenhouse and guest cabin


North House shed


The Gurt

Children's Museum climber

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